Tesla Model 3 – the most relaxed ride we’ve ever had

Just like most petrolheads, I've always been quite sceptical about EVs. I rode shotgun in a few for short trips and knew acceleration was always a kick. But besides that, all of our experiences were a bit bland. This time however, I got to take place in the driver seat of a Tesla Model 3 and tried to figure out why people love their EVs.

Like most other EVs, The Tesla Model 3 has tons of storage space thanks to the small motor and batteries stored in the floor. The boot in combination with the storage under the bonnet provides a total of 542 litres of luggage space and there is plenty of space inside the car itself as well.

To enter a Model 3 you either need a key card or an app on your smartphone, which also gives you all kinds of information on the car.
When taking place in a Model 3 you are welcomed by super comfortable seats and a sleek and minimalistic interior. The dashboard is, besides the central 15-inch touchscreen and big air vent, completely absent. The steering wheel is very neutral looking and has just two knobs. Although this has a very clean look, it’s very little for the price tag of the car (current price for this spec in Belgium is €61.380).
It may not be much but it makes navigating through all the car’s settings and menus really easy and intuitive.

Driving a Tesla Model 3 is simply the most relaxing way of transportation I have ever experienced on the highway. It is quiet, comfortable, and the autopilot does practically all the work. This is especially nice when driving long distances. After leaving the highway, the cornerless stretch of asphalt makes place for more winding roads. We all know electric cars are fast off the line and the Model 3 is certainly no exception to that rule. It truly smashes your head into the headrest and it keeps going like hell when pressing down the accelerator. When entering a corner you feel the weight of the Tesla (more than 1800kg / 4000lb for the long range model) pushing but thanks to the firm suspension, it never gives the feeling that the car can’t handle it. The downside to this is that the ride quality isn’t great on Belgian b-roads filled with potholes, speedbumps, and non-level concrete road surfaces.

I can see what the fuzz is about. I get why so many people start to love EVs. Is it something for me? No. It is perfect when your primary desire from a car is a relaxed ride when you often drive long trips. The range is no problem since you most likely want to take a break after driving more than 500kms. But for a fun and sporty ride on b-roads, this is not the car for you. So for now, can we just have both combustion and electric coexisting peacefully?



Power: 476hp (350kw)
Torque: 527Nm (389lb ft)
Top speed: 233km/h (142mph)
0-100km/h (0-62mph) : 4.6sec
Range: >530km