Ferrari LaFerrari Aperta – topless member of the holy trinity

In case the “normal” Ferrari LaFerrari isn’t exclusive enough, this is the Ferrari hypercar you need.

The chassis and bodyshell has been redesigned by the Ferrari engineers to provide the same torsional rigity as the standard LaFerrari. The powertrain hasn’t changed.
The Aperta is still features the 800hp strong V12 combined with a 163hp electric motor.
Just like the coupĂ© version, the LaFerrari Aperta’s active aerodynamicas and hybrid system constantly interact with the car’s other dynamic control systems, resulting in optimal performance. 
the HY-KERS system keeps the V12’s revs up when the cars is cornering to ensure quicker response time when accelerating again.
To stop all this violence, the LaFerrari Aperta is fitted with Brembo brakes with lighter callipers, designed to guarantee ideal heat dissipation from the massive carbon-ceramic discs.